Atlas Rail - Australia

About Atlas Rail


Marand Precision Engineering purchased UK rail company Atlas Engineering in 2001, relocated its engineering and manufacturing to Australia, and established Atlas Rail.

We operate as a business unit of Marand Precision Engineering rail, aerospace, automation and general engineering.

Atlas Rail provides leading turnkey solutions with capabilities to manufacture a full complement of railway maintenance workshop equipment including:

  • Single and Tandem Under Floor Wheel Lathes
  • Portal and Above Floor Wheel Lathes
  • Wheel Mount/Demount Presses
  • Bearing Mount/Demount Presses
  • Ultrasonic Wheel Testing Machines
  • Draft Gear Removal and Install Units
  • Traction Motor Drop Tables
  • Wheelset Turntables
  • Wagon and Carriage Lifters
  • Brake Test Machines

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