Atlas Rail - Australia

Above Floor Wheel Lathes

The Atlas Rail Above Wheel Lathes (AFWL) are designed to re-profile wheelsets for a wide range of rolling stock once removed from the vehicle.

This lathe in its standard configuration can accommodate different types of rolling stock by examining the loaded wheelset and applying any one of a number of pre-configured profiles.

The basic machine is capable of measuring:

  • Profile measurement 
  • Wheel diameter
  • Total radial run-out
  • Flange height
  • Flange thickness
  • Flange angle (qRdimension)
  • Wheelset back-to-back dimension
  • Wheel wobble

The AFWL is a single base, fully automated, CNC machine that provides high levels of accuracy, built to re-profile wheels of varying diameters and axle lengths and capable of accommodating the majority of the differing types of gear wheels, pulleys, brake discs and bearing axle boxes in the rail industry.


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