Atlas Rail - Australia

Wheel Demount Press

The Atlas Demount Press has been designed for maximum versatility.

With a double-ended design, large stroke capacity and multiple tooling options, the system is able to accommodate all manner of mount/demount requirements.

This is achieved while minimising requirements for manual handling. Both the mount and demount tooling has been designed to simplify the loading process via an overhead gantry crane.

This tooling design means that dual ended mount and demount is achievable in a single setup.

To maximise efficiency, the system incorporates a high flow power pack, which greatly reduces the overall operational cycle times. Features of the machine include:

  • Faster cycle times
  • Reduced manual handling requirements
  • Reduced maintenance and increased reliability
  • Wide range of tooling and pressing options
  • Exceptional machine rigidity and accuracy as the resistance head is a stationary structural member of the machine.

Optional features available for the system include:

  • Additional power pack unit
  • Automated loader
  • Turntable for incorporation into the workshop rail line
  • Integrated axle checking stand for measurement of back-to-back distance, wheel wobble and wheel run out, and to facilitate ultrasonic testing.

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