Atlas Rail - Australia

Automatic Bearing Clearance Test Machine

The Atlas Rail Automatic Bearing Clearance Test Machine is a versatile piece of workshop equipment, which is used to automatically test the bearing clearance of double row taper roller bearings.

Originally developed in conjunction with Timken, the unit accurately measures the bearing clearance and indicates a pass/fail, which is determined by preset high and low limits.

If the bearing fails, the machine will lower the cone allowing the operator to fit an new spacer and retest the bearing.

During the measuring cycle the bearing cup is subject to a load in both directions. The cone is rotated which the cup is held, with the clearance measured using a precision Mitotoyo Linear Gauge Unit. Rotation speed and loading is adjustable.

Features include:

  • Fast cycle times
  • High repeatability
  • No manual handling
  • Tooling available for full range of AP bearings
  • Option available for filtered oil flushing incorporated in the test unit to flush the bearing for improved accuracy.

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