Atlas Rail - Australia

Bearing Presses & Pullers

Replacing worn and damaged bearings is an essential part of maintaining rail fleets and no maintenance workshop is complete without the means to remove and fit these parts.

Atlas Railís automated bearing puller includes bearing clamp hydraulic rams for the removal of the bearings and a bearing unloader, it will position the wheelset, remove the bearing and place the bearing on a automatic unloader.  

Designed to compliment the bearing puller, the automatic bearing press is suitable for the automated pressing of AP bearings sizes E to GG for wheels 700 - 1100mm with a pressing capacity of 65 Ton.

The system is able to accommodate locomotive wheelsets with suspension tubes where required. Bearings are loaded into the bearing press automatically from the feed tray and the press is able to press both bearings at the same time, or individually.

The bearing press incorporates an automatic wheelset stop and eject unit.

Both machines are fully automated for cost reduction and to improve workshop efficiency.

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