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Atlas Rail prides itself on its reputation as a supplier of quality equipment found as standard tools in many railway workshops around the world, equipment that has been developed over many years in consultation with the people who truly understand the environment Ė the users. 

Although the standard range of equipment is suitable for most applications, Atlas can also take a customerís unique requirements and produce a bespoke machine perfectly matched to their needs.

As project managers and engineers, Atlas Rail accepts briefs to provide a turnkey solutions for complete workshop requirements, working with the customer to turn a concept into reality, equipping a workshop to produce a functional operating facility.  As part of such projects, Atlas can supply one machine, or package a whole range of machines, from turntables to shunters, in order to satisfy specific requirements.

Queensland Rail Callemondah

Installed at an existing maintenance facility at Gladstone, Queensland in Australia the wheel lathe will provide Queensland Rail with significant cost savings by avoiding the necessity to send locomotives to Brisbane. This increases fleet availability by about four days per locomotive.

DMRC Underfloor Wheel Lathes 

As part of a major refurbishment and expansion of the Delhi Metro network, two underfloor wheel lathes were built and commissioned for both the Khyber Pass and Shastri Park depots. 


Rio Tinto  UFWL

Reducing the time cycle for re-profiling locomotive wheelsets is crucial to minimising downtime for Pilbara Ironís locomotive fleet, and their incumbent lathe was proving to be increasingly unreliable.  A new Atlas lathe, delivered in October 2008 will dramatically reduce the turn-around time.


BHP Demount Press

In response to a request from BHP a new design for a 500T fully automated demount press was conceived and built for their facility in Port Hedland, Western Australia, which provides single-operator wheel removal and stacking.  This project will be delivered early 2009.

Portugal Wheel Press Refurbishment

This was a total refurbishment of an OEM 350T Wheel Press taken out of service due to constant faults. Completely rebuilt, with the redesign of major components and the control system, the press is now an integral part of the Lisbon Metro workshop.

Saudi Arabia Wheel Press

The 500T Mount Demount Press supplied to Saudi Railways is a fully automated machine and was supplied complete with an automated loader and axle checking station.

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