Atlas Rail - Australia

Portal Wheel Lathe

The Atlas Portal Wheel Lathe is designed to provide maximum wheelset throughput and maximum operator safety.

Portal Wheel Lathe

The Atlas Rail Portal Wheel Lathe is designed to re-profile wheel sets for a wide range of locomotives and rolling stock, once removed from the vehicle. The lathe can also be configured for the machining of brake disks The machine is designed to maximise wheel shop throughput by profiling both wheels on a wheelset simultaneously, and incorporating a roll-through design whereby the wheelsets are loaded from the front and unloaded via the rear of the machine.

Machining Parameters
  • Maximum Wheel Diameter 1250mm
  • Minimum Wheel Diameter 780mm
  • Track Gauge 1676mm
  • Maximum Axle Length 2800mm
  • Minimum Axle Length 1850mm
  • Maximum Tyre Width 145mm
  • Minimum Tyre Width 125mm
  • Maximum Axle Weight 3000kg


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