Atlas Rail - Australia

Tandem Under Floor Wheel Lathes

These double under floor wheel lathes offer rapid machining of wheel profiles for complete bogies in a single set-up.

Atlas Rail Tandem Under Floor Wheel Lathes are specifically designed to machine wheel profiles for all rolling stock including coupled or uncoupled main line, light rail, metro and locomotive wheel sets.

These lathes are designed to re-profile wheelsets on and off the train and can be installed as a single unit or in a tandem configuration.

Since they have been designed as heavy-duty machines they allow an operator to initiate heavier cuts thereby enhancing the throughput rate.

In its standard configuration the tandem under floor wheel lathe can accommodate different types of rolling stock by examining the loaded wheelset and applying any one of a number of pre-configured profiles.

The basic machine is capable of measuring: 

  • Profile measurement 
  • Wheel diameter
  • Total radial Run-out
  • Flange height
  • Flange thickness
  • Flange angle (qRdimension)
  • Wheelset back-to-back dimension
  • Wheel wobble

The lathe can also be configured to accommodate brake disc machining.


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