Atlas Rail - Australia

Media Releases

Atlas Lathe Cuts Time in Rio
Submitted By webideas - 28-November-2008 2:39 pm
Atlas Rail is about to complete a significant project for Rio Tinto’s 7 Mile operations in Karratha, Western Australia with the commissioning of its third Australian delivered Under Floor Wheel Lathe (UFWL).

Atlas Solves the China Syndrome
Submitted By webideas - 28-November-2008 2:40 pm
Atlas Rail, a Melbourne based company that supplies and supports maintenance equipment for the rail industry, was called upon to fix the problems and commission the equipment.

BHP Depends of Atlas for Rapid Growth
Submitted By mandy - 16-December-2008 12:36 pm
BHP is relying on Atlas Rail to streamline its operations on the BHP IO Rapid Growth Project 4.

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