Atlas Rail - Australia

Bogie & Wheelset Turntables

The turntable is an essential piece of equipment in any rail workshop and enables the easy movement of both wheelsets and bogies between different rails which feed the various machine tools such as wheel presses and lathes.

The turntable is designed to be mounted in a concrete pit, with the rails at floor level for direct loading and unloading of bogies from one track to another within a workshop.

The turntable has 360 rotational capability, and is rotated automatically or manually using pneumatics.

As the wheelset is rolled on to the turntable a proximity switch will raise a dampened pin in the track to stop the unit in the centre, and another pin then rises behind it to hold the unit in place while being rotated.

Once aligned in the required direction, the lugs will drop back into the turntable and the rail will lift slightly at one end to eject the wheelset/bogie.


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